domenica 27 maggio 2012

Data Maps - Part 2

Always from the Sim City Blog, the interesting analysis of the data-driven city.
"For example, when the player places a power plant, they will see unpowered roads and transmission lines. Once the power plant is placed, power will start flowing along power conductors to the buildings. If there’s a break in that transmission, the player will immediately see the break. If the power plant isn’t big enough, the player will see the power getting eaten up before it reaches the farther buildings. That information is there in the world to see so the player doesn’t have to look for it – as if they had X-ray goggles that could show electricity flowing. Through the data layers, we’re teaching the player the mechanics of a complex system without them being aware of it. With data layers as a backbone we’re able to take complex simulation-driven information and provide a visual that all players will understand and find accessible."
That is why Sim City is THE tool for the Smart City

sabato 19 maggio 2012

Data Maps

And in the end the data is everything for a city simulation. The point where real and virtual become one. The point where the real city gives the simulation a background and enables both the administration and the citizen a way to understand and appreciate the complexity of a real city.

mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Sim City...

this is the Smart City Tool I want. It's a tool created for the people, not for politicians or managers. For people by engineers and designers. No politics involved. No mediations except for data complexity. This is the tool that can leverage the best of the civic spirit and enables the citizen to interact in the most intuitive way with the very fabric of the urban living and interacting. And many point-oriented experiences are already distributed in the world. Will we be able to achieve this tool? Or will we be always depending on IBM Tivoli to see and manage the city?