lunedì 1 ottobre 2012

On a new wave of Data Warehousing

During my trip to Helsinki at the OKFestival, I happened to talk to some new friends about how data has to be analyzed. So in the end what I came home with is a concept, that has been following me for some time now, and that sooner or later has to be analyzed deeply. In the end the two main references in the datasets are Time and Space. This means that we have a basically 2D point that matches a given time and a given location. The problem is that geographic positions are only a recent acquisition of mankind. Before that, there were only location names like my hometown, Castel Maggiore, that was previously called Castaniolo then Castagnolo Maggiore, and in each period the form of the location was completely different. This basically implies that the only granted dimension is time, while "Administrative space" is time-dependent and physical point-based location is not. Is there a way to express this in a meaningful manner?

Analysis en course...

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